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The travel management plan for the Black Hills National Forest is now in full effect. The trails have been designated and trail permits are required when utilizing the trails, but our work as the stewards of "OUR" system is just getting started. We will be asked to step up and help the foresters "tweak" it into something more user friendly...we will be asked to help with placing route markers...we will be asked to help identify areas that can be added to eliminate dead end routes...we will be asked to help repair heavily used areas. We need to stay involved to help make the trail system a success.

The Fall River Ranger District is in the process of developing a trail system, for the Railroad Buttes riding area (Farmingdale), and the Conata Basin area of the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. They are approaching this from a well thought out direction. They have hired an engineer to design a parking area, tot lot and picnic area with some potential for camping units, and will most likely end up requiring a trail permit to provide funding for its development. These are some exciting plans for this heavily used riding area and we will be asked for our input to move their Travel Management plans forward. We need to be ready to assist them if necessary.

Off Road Riders Association needs its members to stay involved in order to keep as many riding opportunities open as possible. With our help, our forest recreation planners will be able to produce the most successful trail system possible.

Travel Management

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